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Lake Havasu City, AZ

Huffman Chiropractic

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Experience relief

Come visit Huffman Chiropractic to get relief from your pain and tired aching muscles

Experience the full benefits that chiropractic care and massage therapy can do for you! Call us today!

Chiropractic Care

Quality Service!

Schedule your appointment for chiropractic care or massage today!

Call Now: 928-453-6808

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Reduce pain

Relieve tension and stress

Feel amazing

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Whether you're feeling pain, numbness & tingling or just don't feel right come see Dr. Huffman and get relief.

Massage Therapy

Enjoy a massage. Whether you need a relaxing tension relieving massage or deep tissue work we are here to help you feel amazing.

Feel refreshed

Let us help you feel better and back to normal. With chiropractic care and massage, everything is possible.

Huffman Chiropractic